We ask that you treat our villa, Mickey’s Hideout, with respect and consider it as your home away from home. We ask that you remain considerate of the neighbours.

The Guest(s), otherwise known as Renter, in whose name the reservation is made is (are) responsible for the conduct of all those using or occupying the villa and/or its grounds throughout the duration of your stay.

Only the Renter and those staying with the Renter, as agreed upon in the rental agreement are permitted to stay on the property. Please note that the contravention of the above renders your booking void and all monies will be forfeited.

The accommodation rates quoted are PER STAY, not per person and include the use of electricity, air conditioning, heating, North American long distance calls, local phone calls, cable TV, bed linens, towels, dishes, the use of all amenities and facilities on the rental property, with the exception of the locked owner's closets.

Mickey's Hideout may not be sub-let, shared or assigned.

The rental period begins at four o'clock PM (local time) on the day of arrival and terminates at 10:00 AM (local time) on the day of departure. Early check-in or late check-out is not permitted without express permission of the property manager or owner. If a Renter fails to check out as agreed, additional charges will be incurred.  Please respect the fact that we need time to prepare the villa for our next guests.

Mickey’s Hideout is for private use by the Renter and those accompanying the Renter as permitted by these terms and conditions. The villa is not to be used for public or commercial events.

When you are not in the villa and upon final check-out, guests must close and lock all windows and doors.

Guests who use the alarm system are responsible for false alarms and any costs incurred because of the false alarms.  All guests are responsible to ensure emergency buttons on alarm system are not pressed unless there is a true emergency.  Any costs incurred by false emergency alarms will be passed onto guests.

Failure to Vacate

Check out time is 10 am the morning following the last night of your stay. Any change requires the express permission of the property manager or owner. If a guest does not check out by this time and has not contacted the property manager or owner to obtain permission to do so, the Renter will incur additional charges which may include but are not limited to, an additional nights rental, cost to put incoming scheduled guests into alternative accommodations, any costs incurred due to law suits resulting from scheduled guest not being able to gain access to Mickey's Hideout as scheduled, and/or additional cleaning charges. Failure to vacate is also considered breach of contract. If required, law enforcement may be required to intervene.

Cleaning, Maintenance and Entry

Mickey’s Hideout is professionally cleaned and inspected before and after each rental to ensure that all guests have a comfortable stay. No cleaning or maid service is provided during a guest's stay unless additional cleaning or maid service is requested and paid for by the guests. Lawn care is provided by Windsor Hills Resort.

Maintenance of the structure and its appliances during a guest’s stay is provided by calling the Property Management Company.

The owner reserves the right of entry at any time by a representative of the owner or authorized service personnel. The Renter will be notified prior to any necessary entry to the property unless entry is required due to emergency for the safety of the villa's occupants or to prevent damage to the villa.

House Consumables

Please note that Mickey's Hideout is self-catering and has an initial supply of consumables (for example garbage/trash bags, toilet tissue, and soap). Once these have been used it is the responsibility of the renter to replenish these items during your stay.  If you do feel there is something you need when you arrive at Mickey’s Hideout, please contact us.


The terms and conditions apply to the contract between "The Owner" and the person signing the Rental Invoice or making the online booking, also referred to as the "Renter", who must be over 18 years of age and who shall sign this form or make the online booking on behalf of all persons herein. No contract shall exist until The Owner has received a signed Rental Invoice or an online booking together with the correct "initial payment" and / or "full payment", and The Owner confirms the reservation in writing by email, letter, or fax.

Rates & Cost

Rental rates are based on per nights rented. Per night rates vary according to season. The rental rate is for the entire villa regardless of number of occupants up to the maximum number of occupants permitted (10 occupants).

Rental rates are set by The Owner and are subject to change without notice. Once a rental has been confirmed and the initial payment has been made, the agreed upon rate may not be changed without consent of both The Owner and the Renter.

Initial Payment

An initial payment of 300 U.S. dollars is collected at the time of booking.  For stays of longer than 14 nights, a larger initial payment will apply.  The credit card information used for the initial payment is kept on file and held against the possibility of damage or unforeseen costs incurred by the Renter. After the Renter has checked out of the rental home, the property will be inspected for damage. If no damage is found and no additional costs have been incurred, no further charges will be applied to the Renter's credit card. If any damages are found, the costs for repair of the damages will be charged to the credit card on file. 

Under the Terms and Conditions of the rental, The Owner has the right to process charges using any credit card information, electronic payment information or other payment information on file to recover the cost of damages to the rented property or additional costs incurred by the Renter.

Payment Policy

The total rental cost (Initial payment plus final balance) is due 45 days prior to the Renter's arrival date.    For reservations made less than 45 days prior to check in date, full payment of the total rental cost will be due upon booking.

If the final balance has not been remitted by the Renter and received by The Owner 45 days prior to the Renter's check in date, then the Renter will forfeit their rental and their initial payment.

The initial payment of 300 U.S. dollars is charged at the time of booking. For stays of longer than 14 nights, a larger initial payment will apply. The initial payment of $300 USD is subtracted from the total rental cost due 45 days prior to the Renter's check in.

The credit card used for the initial payment and final balance must have an expiration date at least 2 months after your check out date.

Payment Methods

The Owner accepts Visa, Master Card, or American Express credit card payments. 

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation is made by the Renter for any reason more than 45 days prior to the check in date, the renter only forfeits the initial payment. If cancellation is made by the Renter for any reason less than or equal to 45 days prior to the check in date, the renter forfeits all monies paid toward the rental, including the initial payment.  However, the initial payment may be applied to a future stay at Mickey's Hideout.

The Owner reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time for any reason. Upon such cancellation by The Owner, the Renter is entitled to a full refund of monies already paid toward the rental.

Cancellation requests must be submitted by the Renter to the Owner directly.

The Owner reserves the sole right to waive payment of monies owed according to the Terms and Conditions.


Refunds, if applied, apply only to the rental of Mickey's Hideout. The Owner does not refund monies paid or owed to third parties such as airlines, car rental companies, ticket vendors etc.

Early check-out regardless of the reason does not entitle the Renter to a refund.

If through no fault of the Owner, The Owner is unable to provide the Renter with the property as agreed, The Owner will refund the Renter for the full amount paid.


The Renter is responsible for his/her own conduct and the conduct of all members of their group during their stay at Mickey’s Hideout.

Renters are liable for all damages and/or loss to the villa caused by them or as a result of their negligence or caused by or as a result of negligence by anyone permitted on the villa during their stay.

Any damages to Mickey’s Hideout will result in loss charges incurred by the Renter, billed to the Renter's credit card on file. An administrative fee will also apply. Normal "wear and tear", as deemed by the owner or property manager, resulting from normal use of the property and items on or contained within the property is not considered damage.

Mickey’s Hideout is inspected before and after each rental. The Renter agrees to notify the property manager or owner of any damage to the rental property. If the renter arrives at the rental property and notices damage to the property they should contact the property manager or owner immediately to avoid being held responsible for such damages.

Tampering with the equipment or services on the property is not permitted.

If you experience difficulty with any equipment or services please contact the property manager or owner. Any tampering requiring a service call to repair or correct will be billed to the Renter.

Changing the furniture arrangement and/or moving of electronic equipment is strictly prohibited.  Renters will be billed for damages and/or relocation.

Removing any property from the premises for use during the renter's stay, with the exception of the stroller, is strictly prohibited.  Renters will be billed for replacement.


The removal of anything from Mickey’s Hideout without the permission of the property manager or owner is considered theft. The Renter is responsible for any items removed from or lost that belong to the rental property.  The villa has one or more closets that are locked and not for Renters use. These closets are for the owner only. Any attempt to open or break into these closets is considered theft and/or vandalism and will be treated as such. 

NO Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted inside the villa or within the pool enclosure.  Please be considerate to our future guests and do not smoke in the villa or within the pool enclosure.

Anyone found to have been smoking at Mickey’s Hideout will be charged for removal of the smoke smell. The person in whose name the rental is made is responsible for the behaviour of all persons in the house for the duration of their stay.

If any guest, or person in the villa during a guests stay, is noticed smoking or found to have been smoking in the villa or within the pool enclosure, the guests may be asked to vacate the premises immediately and without refund of any kind.   

Our cleaning staff specifically checks for cigarette smoke smell after each group of guests.


There are NO PETS ALLOWED in Mickey's Hideout.  If you bring or allow an animal or pet into Mickey's Hideout, without the prior approval of the owner you will be asked to vacate the house and will be responsible for any damages and or cleaning required without a refund.   


The Renter who contravenes the Terms and Conditions may be refused occupancy and may not be entitled to any refund of monies paid and may remain responsible for monies owed.

Guests are responsible to abide by all federal, state and local laws during their stay. The guest assumes full responsibility for any internet activity at the house during their stay including the use of restricted websites and restricted materials.

The owner and their agents are not liable for death, personal injury, sickness, accidental delay or loss of luggage or personal effects or any misadventure which may occur while renting our villa. Renters must be vigilant in and around the pool and spa area and are responsible for children.  Use of the pool and spa is at the renter's own risk. 

The owner and their agents are not liable for your personal safety during your holiday vacation. You are reminded to exercise care as to your personal safety, and the safety of your companions. It is strongly recommended that you purchase appropriate insurance.


Whenever possible, valuables should be left in a secure place and out of sight. An onsite safe is provided for storage of valuable items such as passports, jewelry, small laptops, iPads, etc. We are not responsible for any items left at the vacation home during or after your stay. Please have a responsible adult check the entire villa prior to your check-out.  An alarm system is also available for the use of guests.  Regardless of the safe and alarm system on site, the owners and their agents are not responsible for any losses or theft during the renter’s stay.


All descriptions of Mickey’s Hideout, the amenities, and all other information given on the website are made in good faith and the owner and their agents are not liable for error and/or omission.  Amenities available in the villa can change from time to time and are not guaranteed.  Guests are responsible for confirming the availability of particular amenities prior to their stay.

Should you experience any problems whatsoever with Mickey’s Hideout during your stay, please contact the property manager or owner.  We will do our best to assist and rectify the matter as soon as it is practically possible. We cannot resolve a problem for you unless we are notified of it at the time. 

Any rights herein pertaining to The Owner can only be conceded, waived, or made exception to with the express consent of The Owner and in compliance with the law.

Any rights herein pertaining to the Renter can only be conceded, waived, or made exception to with the express consent of the Renter and in compliance with the law.